Send Me Hatemail

After even a moment on this wiki, you can probably tell something is just not right about me. I annoy the piss out of you. Maybe I ramble on endlessly without having a firm point. Perhaps I merely remind you of a fella who had uncivil liberties with your then-unwed mother and could in fact be, cue the music, your long lost deadbeat father.

Whatever the reason for this very likely to be valid rage, feel free to express your hate of me and people like me at the address I use for this wikidot account. It's not at Yahoo or Hotmail, so you are probably right if you named the other titan. I am vain and dumb enough to use the same handle there and here, so have at it.

I will, however, not be held responsible for you not having any sense of humor, no adequate skills at this game known as Bomberman, or any beatings that may or may not have been dispensed upon you by your drunken stepfather. I also reserve the right to not care whatsoever if I somehow hurt your feelings in the process of making myself feel better by writing about a game series I really enjoy collecting, and playing.

This being said, I lack any Jedi skills with Bomberman and you should idolize or bother someone else if you think there is some magical Bomber Rocket behind the next comet, waiting to take you home to Planet Bomber. I am no Bomber Messiah. There isn't anything waiting for you, so move on with your life, grow some hair on your head, ditch those Nikes, and pray that you never need those castrated powerups you so happily discarded. I suck at playing Bomberman and I am sure with enough alcohol you or your four year old cousin can probably tear me up in Battle Mode with ease.

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