There are a ton of other bomberman related collectibles, trinkets, and things that the kids and rabid fans run across. I don't have many of those personally but I see auctions for them quite often. Eventually I will post content here related to bomberman.

However, if you're reading this, you've stumbled across an easter egg left by a bored bomberman fan. Instead of starting another page for movie reviews, often times ones you are able to relate to bomberman somehow or another, I'm leaving it here. My words are meant to be flushed and the movies that inspire them may in fact be worth less to you than that prize-winning nugget you just clenched out. That's all your bag, man. Bad movies, good movies and things that rightly are not movies at all are all fair game.

If you're under 18 please be aware your mother is going to wash out your mouth with soap for my language in the reviews. Just expect bad things, ok? This is mainly for me and anyone who wants a list of prime stuff to kill time with. I reserve the right to shitcan any or all of these blurbs at any time as desired.

Movie Blurbs from a Damn Dirty Bastard*

Chainsaw Sally (2004) Added 6 Aug. 2008
Teeth (2007) Added 5 Aug. 2008
Compare your movie guts to some of the films I have either consumed or plan to Added 20 Dec, 2008

PS2 Karaoke Song List

*A character used by me when I did some crazy ab lib comedy sketches a few years ago. MP3s exist elsewhere.

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